10 Amazing Beauty hints applying Olive Oil

1. Lip Scrub:

mix 1 tbsp of olive oil with coarse sugar for cracked lips. In this mixing add up few drops of lemon juice for flavor and acidic properties.


2. Pre shampoo hair treatment:

Since old Egyptian times olive oil is used for hair treatment. Bring 5 tsp of olive oil and in microwave oven or under a warm water stream warm it. Apply oil nicely at your scalp and end of your hair. Leave it on your hair for 10 to 20 minutes then you can shampoo your hair to get lucent, healthy and shiny hair.


3. Eye makeup remover:

Olive oil can be use to remove stubborn makeup from your eyes. It work as great pre cleansing step for your eye makeup. Olive oil attracts other oil based makeup product and work marvellously on your eyes and takes away makeup. Once makeup is took away wash your face with PH- Balanced face wash or hot water.


4. Stretch Marks:

Olive oil serves in regeneration of skin and increasing elasticity of the skin as well. Massage olive oil over the impacted minimum three times a week to improve the elasticity of the skin and its regenerative abilities, which will help heal the impacted skin. OILS TO REMOVE STRETCH MARKS


5. Applied as hair serum:

If you are planning to purchase a hair serum then stop! You can apply olive oil to add shine and additional glossiness to your hair. You can rub few drops of olive oil and spread on your hair nicely after styling for glossy finish.


6. Hair removing cream:

So your hair removing cream is over? You can step in your kitchen and apply olive oil on your legs before running a blade. You can prevent bumps and burns with the help of this natural lubricant.


7. Antibacterial balm:

If you prefer natural things as a medicine then you can use antibacterial olive oil along with calendula, lavender and tea tree oil to ward off scarring and germs.


8. Cuticle conditioner :

would like to have strong nails and want to grow it long? then olive oil is best to soft your cuticle. Using olive oil will give moisturizing effect to your nails.


9. Treatment for dry skin :

Olive oil can be applied as a moisturizer to your skin. Olive oil works wonderfully on extra dry skin. Daily night apply olive oil on your face and after 10 minutes wash face with water. This will give you soft moisturized skin. You can also use it after shower with this DIY after shower body mist.


10. Cracked heels :

Do you’ve rough and split heels? And need soft heels? Olive oil will moisturize your heels and make with clear and crack free. Take olive oil, apply it on your feet and with pumice stone rub your feet nicely for 20 minutes after that wash your feet with water and put on socks to lock moisture and keep it overnight.

These were some of the amazing uses of olive oil. Do you know any other beauty use of this oil? Do share it with us.

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