Go green with these Organic designers in India

Go green with this fabulous brand that motivates everyone to pick organic clothes. They are on a personal mission to save the planet Earth from chemicals and cruelty. Not only is their clothing range organic but it is stylish and trendy. The wide range of western outfits is sure to appeal your taste and adds a high sense of responsible.
Shop for organic fashion brands that create green fashion. We bring to you 13 organic fashion brands that have taken the industry by storm and strive hard to keep the planet clean and green.
So if you wish to do your bit, here are some brands which won’t harm your planet a bit!
  • No Nasties
  • Inner Sense
  • Forty red bangles
  • Chlorophile
  • ZeeZeeZoo
  • Little Kangaroos
  • lovetheworldtoday
  • Mahikrite
  • Aura Organic Herbal Textiles
  • Samtana
  • Ethicus
  • Upsana Studio
  • Metaphor Racha

1. No Nasties-Goa

The brand produces 100 per cent organic, cotton clothing for men and women through an entirely green process, which includes handpicking the cotton and an eco-friendly production system.No Nasties is a proactive organic fashion brand that aims to pave the way for an ethical fashion movement in India by fronting the establishment of fairtrade communities.They provide garments for Men & Women both and the products like T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Scarves ranging from Rs. 500 to 2500.

( source from website www.nonasties.in)
2. Inner Sense
 It is one of the most fabulous undergarment brands for women that has all its pieces made from organic cotton, bamboo fibre, and antimicrobial properties. Also, this brand inhibits the growth of bacteria that is often aided by chemical additives. Ladies, give your body the utmost comfort and bliss with organic underwear from Inner Sense.they provide products like Bra, Panties, Bikini, Shorts for women and price ranges from Below Rs. 500 to 1500.
( source from website innersense.co.in)

3.Forty red bangles – Mumbai

 Forty Red Bangles ties up with NGOs to make one-of-kind products for its customers.With designs and clothes reflective of cultural particularities of India, Forty Red Bangles takes its name from a Punjabi marriage ceremony.Forty Red Bangles, a luxury sustainable brand that offers couture clothing made with sustainable fabrics. Offering clothes for men, women and children, toys, homeware, and footwear among a few other products ranging from 500-5000rs.
 Available on Website :fortyredbangles.com
( source from website fortyredbangles.com)
 4. Chlorophile – UK
 It is recognised by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard ) .it is London based lifestyle brand that encourages fashionistas to go green. it designs both men and women wear ranging from tees, shorts, jeans, jeggings, skirts that are made from 100% organic cotton, and bamboo fibre their price ranging from Rs. 500 to 2500.
( source from website chlorophile.co.uk)

 5. ZeeZeeZoo – Vadodara

 Ashini and Rahil are proud owner of creative kidswear brand ZeeZeeZoo that will pamper your baby with the softest apparel made of pure organic cotton, natural dyes and hand drawn designs. Also the tees for toddlers have a creative and funky look that will catch everyone’s attention- see for yourself. Their price ranges from 500 to 3000.
( source from website zeezeezoo.in)


6. Little Kangaroos –  Mumbai

This brand Establish since 1996. It is organic kids wear brand that makes outfits with natural fibers for kids up to the age of 10. The vibrant and funky collection of kids wear will not only impress your aesthetic tastes but also smoothe your kid’s skin.they serves products like T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Tops, Shorts, Trousers, Leggings, Thermals, Dungarees, Frocks, Jeans,Capri, Top-Bottom Set with price range Below Rs. 500 to 2000.
( source from website littlekangaroos.com )

7.lovetheworldtoday –  Mumbai

 This brand is into making quality clothing for kids in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Their clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabrics, fabrics hand woven by artisans and weavers across the country. Their dyes are herbal and low impact on the environment – All this while caring for everyone and everything involved in the process. Because they want kids to care about the little big things in life.They designs for kids and women with products like top, skirt, tshirts, shirt, jumpsuit, short dress price ranging from 600-5000rs.
 Available on Website : www.lovetheworldtoday.in

8. Mahikrite – Mumbai

Mahikrite designs for sensitive skin, if you have then we recommend you pick Mahikari outfits that are free from chemicals, pesticides.The apparels are dyed with medicinal herbs such as catechu, pomegranate seeds, haritaki, indigo, madder and others. They understands a woman’s need and designs 100% true organic cotton tops, t-shirts, bottoms and a lot more. Their price ranges from Rs. 500 to 1500.
( source from website www.mahikrite.com)

9.Aura Organic Herbal Textiles – Ahmedabad

 Aura is leading online shop of herbal dyed organic clothes for men’s, women. They have wide range of natural clothing from underwear to fabrics and towels and more. men’s clothes covers organic cotton tee, boxer, brief, vest and more while women’s clothing covers bikini, hipster, camisole, organic t-shirts.
They also offer organic towels [ face and shower towel ] and natural dyed fabrics. Their price ranges from 200-4000rs.
 Available on Websites: auraherbalwear.com


10.Samtana – Bengaluru

Samtana define Organic fabrics and a project titled True-Blue . An eco-clothing brand proceeds from the purchase of a product by Samanta result in the contribution to mid-day meals for school children. Offering  products for Men and women, Samtana has some brilliant graphic t-shirts to choose from among other things.
Their price ranges from 599-2000rs.
 Available on Website: samtana.com

11.Ethicus – Pollachi, Tamil Nadu

It is Available for purchase online and in two stores in the southern part of India, Ethicus has provides handloom made products to those looking to contribute to traditional methods used by rural artisans.
Ethicus is a brand that focusses on creating Indian clothes while using fabrics from Appachi Organic Cotton and silk that are mostly hand woven. With colourful sarees among other products for women, Ethicus offers elegant clothing and some products under the bed and bath category. Their price ranges from 10000 to 15000.
 Available on Websites:  http://www.parisera.com/ethicus

12.Upsana Studio – Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 

The brand is a fairtrade practice that is committed to zero waste production, which involves using indigenous cottons, upcycling and natural dyeing.Upsana Studio is a socially responsible fashion brand based in South India. Its founder, Uma Prajapati built the business on principles that consider the bigger picture of design – from the product life cycle to the wellbeing of the people creating the products. Their price ranges from 1000-10000rs.
  Available on website : www.upasana.in
13.Metaphore Racha- Banglore
A locally produced cloth, spun and woven entirely by hand.The brand provides sustainable work for Khadi artisans who carefully create the garments with hardly any carbon footprint.
Metaphore Racha creates all its products , from sarees and tunics to bags and stoles, out of Khadi. Their price range 350-5000rs.
 Available on website: www.metaphorracha.com
Have you tried any of above eco-friendly brand? If not, then start shopping organic brands at our site and go green in fashion. Keep Earth clean and green with organic apparels and do your bit.
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