Monsoon Fashion Must-Haves

Being fashionable is a daily effort. This monsoon be prepared and bring out your brightest looks to keep your spirits high through the rains!
While monsoons are the best time to shine in your happy and lively outfits, there are certain rain-proof fashion accessories without which your monsoon ensemble would be incomplete.
And even can provide some protection from head to toe like frizzy hair to finishing off your favourite shoes , so don’t worry your style will be safe in the monsoon !
1.Umbrellas :
First thing from must have monsoon is umbrellas. They are synonymous with monsoons. Make sure it is a foldable one that can fit into your stylish water proof bag.
Go for bold colours, patterns, see through, artsy or frilly. Keep yourself dry and stylish by picking rain essentials that extend beyond their functionality.Trendy umbrellas from :
ESPRIT  Umbrella – Long Ac Leopar Silve Rs 1450 ( image source :shoppersstop)

Casabella Folding Anti Uv Sun Rain Pink Umbrella  Price: 599.00 ( image source :shoppersstop)

2.Head wraps :

There is one hair trend that is totally in this season with head-wraps, head scarves and trendy jewelled turbans . we are sure you absolutely cannot wait to get your hands on them. Because these head accessories are fabulously comfortable and stylish . When the dampness gets the better of your locks, there is no cooler way to look chic than to sport a super stylish turban to make your hair behave.

  Hot Pink Bayos Headband  Rs. 499( image source :shoppersstop)
Blue Floral Celestine Headband Rs.349( image source :shoppersstop)



Ditch your fancy backpacks and cloth totes for a smaller cross body bag that is made out of any water resistant fabric ! Not only will this effectively protect your essentials from getting wet but also help you look very trendy despite the torrential down pours! there are a large variety of waterproof bags available on the market, women can also opt for the transparent options. Not only are these bags quirky and interesting but, they help you remain organized as you can easily see everything your bag holds.
Slash Transperant Tote Rs.₹2,000.00 
(image source: 2am by Anjali and meha)
Accessorize Gold-Toned Transparent Box Clutch Rs 2172
(image source:Myntra)
Craftstages red transparent useful bag Rs 1379.0. 



4.Beaded jewellery:

The best is wear beaded jewellery that’s either made of plastic or wood when it comes to jewellery. This type of jewellery keeps you looking trendy and keeps away all the allergies. If you want a classy look then the best option is wearing real water pearl jewellery.
Adbeni Multicoloured Glass Beads On Fishnet Strings Handcraft Necklace Rs.229 (image source : shopcluse )
Zephyrr Fashion Hand Made Golden Multi Strand Beaded Necklace For Women Rs.289.00

(Image  source: amazon )

5.Silicone Watches:

Say Hi to waterproof , trendy, gorgeous and sparkling watches. these are easily available also very colourful and vibrant watches which will bring a tinge of colour to the all cloudy weather.
HECKLER Silicone Watch Rs.499
Titan 9953PP01J Analog Watch – For Women Rs.1995


6.Waterproof phone covers

This is the biggest fear we all have during monsoons guys We know it’s the anxiety of phone getting doused in rain water. Don’t ever take a risk when you have the choice of purchasing a waterproof phone cover.  they are so trendy with all the colours and even easily available . So don’t wait for your phone gets wet in the rain  get yourself a phone cover which can guard your phone from the rains.
  WaterProof Mobile Pouch Cover for All Mobile Phones Rs.175.00 
(image source:
  iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason Waterproof Full-body Rugged Case Built-in Screen  Rs. 2588 
( image

7.waterproof footwear : 

Opt for reliable ones in plastic, Perspex and patent leather instead of your leather shoes and cork heeled footwear. there is a large variety of brightly coloured footwear. women can opt for rubber ballerina shoes or flip flops are perfect for soft feminine outfit ensure you keep your feet dry and clean at all times and even to boost your style factor. Even Army boots during the rains as they are very comfy, less bulky and make your legs look longer and slimmer.
 Flat Jelly Shoes with Lace-Ups  Rs. 600


Crocs Unisex CitiLane Clog Rubber Clogs and Mules Rs. 830.58 – 13,521.00  
So there you go with these must haves, nothing can stop you from looking gorgeous this monsoon.

Must haves in you bag :

You must always keep essentials handy so that rains don’t spoil your day.
  –  A foldable umbrella
  –  A napkin or Wet wipes and tissues to get rid of the water on my hands and face.
  –  Hand sanitizer
  –  Compact to touch up  any waterproof makeup depending on where I’m off to.
  –  A hair tie to keep my hair from turning into a friz ball.
  –  An extra pair of tee shirt
  –  Lip bam and Liquid lipsticks completely matte, lasts super long and is waterproof too.
  –  Waterproof eyeliner
  –  Body Mist
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