Morning routine life hacks

hey guys! today’s blog post is some helpful morning routine hacks. getting up in the morning can be a struggle sometimes so here are a few ways to get around that!

› hack #1 

put your phone under your bed in the night. when your alarm goes off, this makes you use more energy as you are trying to find it.

› hack #2 

when you wake up, drink water straight away. it boosts your energy and wakes you up a bit more.

› hack #3 

make your breakfast the night before! for example, you can make overnight oats which are healthy and easy to make. you can also pack your lunch the night before as well.

› hack #4 

if you are eating your breakfast on a plate, swap it for a paper plate or put plastic wrap over the plate. this will save you from washing up and save you a lot of time!

› hack #5 

write your schedule on your mirror with a dry erase marker. you will probably look in the mirror and this will remind you to do something. also, it rubs right off!

› hack #6 

you can easily clean your brushes out in the morning by using dish soap and olive oil. this gets rid of any makeup and cleans them out thoroughly.

› hack #7 

pack your bag the night before so you don’t have a mad rush in the morning trying to find everything you need

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