About Me

Hi, i am Payal, glad you made it here to know more about me. I’m a tea addict, a lover of all things pink and pretty ! Forever in love with vinne the pooh ! Fashion Styling, product styling, visual merchandising and fashion blogging is what defines me. I love the name Fasionate as I am very passionate for fashion .

Being a fashion enthusiast and having trained under Bollywood’s Rocky S as part of the Fashion Styling course I am certified in Personal Styling and Shopping by London College of Style & KHDA Dubai.

I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t launched myself into the world of blogging. I live in India and spend my days blogging, creating different styles and fun new blogs. Here I would share my love for everything I was seeing in magazines – models, trends, what’s in stores and more. these days being full of everything I love in fashion, beauty and life.

Feel free to ask me anything about you wondered, no hard feelings.


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