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Finally I got my perfect natural skin care products by skinyoga .There are many natural skin products available in the market but this one says its 100 % natural , yes girls 100% ! Before this I have used some of the face washes cleansers toners moisturisers and many more products for my daily skin care routines but Then I came to know about natural skincare brand Skin Yoga. Their products are made from herbal ingredients with natural skin care benefits. I am glad to know about this natural skin care brand and I am loving it. 

Almond Orange Face Scrub


If you are looking for a face scrub, then this product can be a perfect choice as it keeps the skin in good condition and makes it clean and beautiful. It actually replaces your 3 products cleanser, toner and mosturiser as It is a chemical free product having all natural ingredients, which are Almond Meal , Gram Flour , Sun dried Orange Peel Powder , Organic Turmeric also I have used it and I found that it repairs the skin and makes it beautiful. Almond and orange present in this product cleans and repairs the skin also The product gives smooth complexion to the skin by hydrating it. The product is very easy to use. You just have to take a teaspoon full of the powder and mix it with water. After that, you should apply it on the face for two to three minutes and then rinse the face.



If you want to have facial look and feel at home within minutes , then you can use organic Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask from skinyoga. The product slows down the aging of the skin and also removes wrinkles. The ingredients present in the product are saffron and walnuts. Saffrons present in the product protects the skin textures and make skin lighter. Walnuts helps in circulating blood. To use this product You just have to take a teaspoon full of the powder and mix it with water. And you should apply it on face for 5 minutes and then rinse the face.



Skinyoga Facial Repair Oil is a light-weight serum. The best thing about this face oil is it is for all skin types including oily skin. When we use it on our skin , our skin look young and healthy as the essential fatty acids are quickly absorbed leaving the skin nourished.also use of this oil regularly helps reducing the scars. it has only 3 ingredients coconut oil, ginger and orange. The coconut oil is a gentle, yet a thorough anti-bacterial cleanser.ginger works as a great anti-aging ingredient. Orange is a blessing in skincare as it cures pigmentation, acne, dead cells, clogged pores, blemishes, dark circles and dry skin as it is the best source of Vitamin C. just take 4-5 drops of the serum on the finger tips. Rub between the fingers and pat onto the face.Leave overnight for best results.

Skin Yoga products can be bought online they are available on www.skinyoga.in . In Ahmedabad you can try and buy products at Armieda Cosmetic Clinic.


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