Fashionable Dresses To Get You Through This Summer !

The temperatures are soaring day by day this summer and there is still a long time before monsoons hit to give us respite.

Ice cream, air conditioning and iced beverages, are just a few things to help stay cool in summer.But apart from all these things, summer is also a great time to wear different style dresses as they not only look good but also feel good, as they help you stay cool and get past the hot summer days.

With that thought,here is a quick guide to summer dresses that will help you stay stylishly fashionable yet beat the heat!

Indian Ethnic Touch

Cotton is the best fabric to keep you comfortable day and night during the summer. Maayera Jaipur offers an exhaustive collection of cotton based Indian outfits in contemporary silhouettes. Its collection includes tunics, dresses and salwar kameezes with modern sensibilities. So this summer you can choose to go comfaortable and be proud of your fashion choices.

Dresses by : Maayera Jaipur ,  Instagram : @maayera_jaipur

In frame with : Himani vyas  @himanivyas23

Makeup by : Mansi Daftary @mansidaftarymakeovers

Photography by : Preet patel @preet_patel_photography_

Going lighter on embellishments will keep you relaxed during the sultry days. Salwaar kameez is a best option to get dressy for Indian events during summer. It offers a simpler silhouette compared to ethic Indian outfits like anarkalis and lehengas. The salwar kameez will help you battle the harsh summer with less volume.

The Maxi dresses are usually long and floor length dresses. Maxi dresses are extremely comfortable , will also keep you cool through summer and they look too good .while shopping for maxi dresses, it’s good to keep in mind that the length of the dress should neither too short, that it is above the ankle, nor too long, that it drags on the floor.The Maxi dress is one trend that never goes out of style.

White Indian outfits proclaims the season the most . The highly reflective colour will keep sun off you and make you a vision in the drought stricken weather. White is also an emotionally calming colour that will help you relax when you are out and about in the heat.

Other Styles You Can Wear In This Summer 

Summer is the time to bring out your cute summer dresses. You can wear the summer dresses casually during the day and dress them up further for a fun evening. Kitschy prints, floral prints and pastels evoke the feeling of summer and go well with the season. The in-season shirt dresses are guaranteed to help you chill out in summer fashionably.

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You can opt for chic tops in cotton or linen. You can stock up on a variety of summery Indian outfits like sleeveless, spaghettis, strapless, tubes or off-shoulder tops,for a cool and casual demenour. Pair it with skirts, shorts or cotton trousers of your choice to walk through summer with panache.

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Midi: The Midi dress is another top favorite and easy to wear dress style. Midi dresses have a nice length where they are neither too long like maxi dresses nor too short like mini dresses. Midi dresses come in a variety of different styles that can be easily worn in summer. Some midi dresses can also double up as Kurtis to be worn over churidars or straight pants/palazzos.

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Mini: Mini dresses are another great option for summer. A mini dress is usually really short and the length can vary anywhere between just above the knee to 3-4 inches above the knee. The easy breezy style of mini dresses makes them super fun to wear and are a great way to beat the heat.

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Summer Style Tips

This summer, try the latest fashion trend of Bohemian style maxi dresses in bright floral-paisley prints or with lots of embellish detailing like tassels or pom-poms. Wear your pretty Boho maxi dress with a pair of wedges or platforms along with statement jewelry for elegant eveningwear. To wear during the day, opt for simple flip-flops or flat sandals along with a tassel scarf, fabric or silver bangles and earrings to channel a chic Boho vibe.

Stripes and monochrome are two top fashion trends. So opting for a striped or monochrome midi is sure to create a fashion statement. Pair your midi with bright or metallic gladiator sandals or simple embellished flats like Kolhapuris.

Ruffles and cold-shoulder are two more trends seen across fashion runways globally. So why not try these trends by opting for a ruffled or cold-shoulder mini dress? Pair your favorite mini dress style with a pair of white sneakers to go the sporty way or a pair of heeled mules for a more glamorous vibe.

So, whether it is indian dress, maxi, midi or mini , choose your favorite summer dress style and have a super chilled summer!


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